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  Benz(a)pyrene in soils and berries an area

  Environmental Contamination in the Central Part of the Kola Peninsula: History, Documentation, and Perception

  Nature and origin of multicomponent aerial emissions of the copper-nickel smelter complex

  Nickel and copper accumulation by edible forest berries in surroundings of "Severonikel" smelters complex

  Legislative Practice and Nature Protection in Russia's Kola Peninsula

  The appraisal of snow sampling for environmental pollution valuation

  Environmental Values and Ethics in the Kola Peninsula, Russia

  Leaching of nickel and copper from soil contaminated by metallurgical dust

  Soil contaminatioon by nickel and copper in area polluted by "Severonikel" smelter complex

  Absorption of heavy metals in wild berries and edible mashrooms in an area affected by smelter emissions

  Stability of palsa at the southern margin of its distribution on the Kola Peninsula

  Stability of Frozen Palsa at the Southern Border of its Distribution on the Kola Peninsula

  Concentration of Heavy Metals in Dominant Moss Species as an Indicator of Aerial Technogenic Load

  Changes in the Degree of Contamination of Organic Horizons of Al–Fe-Humus Podzols upon a Decrease in Aerotechnogenic Loads, the Kola Peninsula

  Eco-Geochemical Assessment of the Content of Pollutants in Hummocky Bogs of the Kola Peninsul

  Migration of Heavy Metals from Polluted Soil to Plants and Lichens under Conditions of Field Experiment on the Kola Peninsula

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